Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brisbane floods: Kedron Brook goes berserk

Wild weather in Brisbane at the moment with torrential rain, flash flooding, landslides, blackouts and the closure of schools and roads. About 160 to 240mm of rain has fallen in the Northern suburbs in the last 24 hours. This is how Kedron Brook (about 1km north of where I live) normally looks:

This is the same view today:

This is the Brook from the bridge in Lutwyche at Bradshaw Rd.:

Here is the flooded bike path linking Wooloowin and Gordon Park. I wouldn't fancy my chances getting across:
This is the view looking upstream from Gympie Road. Trees are being dragged along very quickly in the floodwaters:
Not much happening today on the roadworks for the Airport Link at Gympie Rd:
This is the view downstream of Gympie Rd:
Shaw Road linking Wavell Heights to the south is totally cut off:
Match abandoned at Shaw Rd rugby grounds:
This car on Shaw Road didn't make it:
But this driver in Kalinga Park still fancies his chances:
He'll have his work cut out to get much further. Kalinga Park has turned into a lake:
Not sure about the vaulting, but its not a bad day for a body dip:
The airport train glides over the floods at Sandgate Road:
The back carpark at Toombul shopping centre (note how high the waters are to sign saying "clearance 4.2m"):
Toombul shopping centre and Airport Link offices getting a bit wet in the deluge:
One to file under "No shit, Sherlock?"

And the weather bureau is predicting more of the same until the weekend. See the Courier-Mail gallery for a wider set of Brisbane flood photos.


Anita said...

hey! Photos were amazing! My partner and I live at Chermside and it took him 4 hrs to get home from city this afternoon because Kedron Brook was flooded.

Melissa C. said...

a friend of mine lives at jimbour street, any idea how it is over there?


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