Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Driving to Charleville

I set off on the long road out west on Sunday morning along the Warrego Highway. Just outside Brisbane a sign told me it was 3,409kms to Darwin. I wasn’t quite going that far, just a mere 760km to Charleville in central Queensland for a two week stint at the Western Times.

The road was long, flat and empty under big brooding skies

and looming clouds that mercifully kept their threatening rain to themselves

Arriving in Dalby, I think or was it Miles? The small towns were starting to become alike in my treacherous memory.

A one horse town in the wheat belt near Roma (must see if I can remember the name on the way home)

iconic country windmills

late afternoon sun made it difficult driving west

Just past Mitchell around 4.30pm and into the home straight...178km to go!

Mungallala Hotel (between Mitchell and Morven)…tempting but didn’t stop

Monday morning rush hour. Wills Street, Charleville

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