Friday, October 02, 2009

The Audreys at Brisbane Festival Spiegeltent

The Spiegeltent, Queens Park, Brisbane
The Spiegeltent (Dutch for Mirror Tent) is brought out from Belgium for the three weeks of the Brisbane Festival

and placed at Queen's Park between the Casino and the Treasury Building
Playing tonight were blues and roots band The Audreys originally of Adelaide, now based in Melbourne

The Audreys are a five piece band who won an ARIA award for their debut 2006 album Between Last Night and Us

Pictured are singer Taasha Coates, guitarist Tristan Goodall (back turned) and bassist Lyndon Gray

Coates and Goodall are the creative heart of the band

The blurry view from the back of the mirror tent

This pic also shows drummer Toby Lang and guest violinist (whose name I didn't get). The band's usual fiddler Michael Green was at home in Adelaide with his partner who was about to give birth.

Coates is a dab hand with the little-used melodica

Coates' micro-guitar was quite endearing as was the person who played it

front-on view of the band

The set went for an hour and a half and it flew by with a series of fine songs played by a tight band and a singer with great voice

The band were enjoying themselves

Coates on piano

An encore featuring just Coates and bassist Gray

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