Saturday, November 12, 2005

narziss v goldmund

The Australianfussballspieleren take on Uruguay in the early hours of tomorrow morning (Brisbane Ancient Evenings Time) in the first leg of their world cup qualifier in Montevideo. Woolly Days' thoughts are with them as they try to break the hex on Australian qualification that stretches back to the last time the Weltmeister championships were in Deutschland in 1974. Johnny Warren, o sing your chant from the grave and spur on your vainglorious countrymen.

walk like dinosaurs. press on...c'est magnifique mais ce n'est pas la Guero...cuando Beck's the boy...Steppenwolf in dem and cream to all...

Quasi Modus Operadani
tricky legal barristers defending a wrong
leads my truth a merry dance to siren song
mostly sung blue, mostly sung borrowed
sadly laced and sweetly sorrowed
knowing is parked away in cobbled web
penning swan lake nervous deb
drowning in vats of superficiality
so throw away this mid strength reality
let go this buoy and grip your lifeline
explode this furnace through the pipeline
boulder smoulder say you’re sorry
almost lured, puny frightened quarry
hooked on hard rock caffeine
dental drilling laughing gasoline
open face blast, lovely isn’t it?
hugo your way, I’ll mine your own business
now you’re starting to get the picture
in your game of life, always be the victor.


Andrey said...

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nebuchadnezzar said...

although Andrey's post is Spam, I've decided to let it stay as an archeological example of the earliest occurence of spam on my website. I now mostly delete this crap when I find it.

As spam started to become the only comments to my website, I got pissed off enough with it to put in "word verification" in December 2006.

My apology to humans but Word Verifications remains as long as spam robots exist.