Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Narziss 1 Goldmund 1 (Nargiss won 4-2 on penalties)

O Oceania, how dear thou are to me/though I cross the Asian sea/I miss thy half a place forever/I will walk to youth in Asia/With the wisdom of the Solomon Islands/and Flock of seagulls Iran/with Korean republics/and a Chin Chin Flute/in an anthem of anathema/

Yes Australianfussballspielern have defuncted Ooor-u-gwi in the Sydney football Fishbowl. Mark O'Breshiano equalised, Harry carrys, Viduka and Coke missed the penalty but Mark Schwarzeneggar terminated 2 Uruguay penalties. And John Aloysius, bless his soul oh so soon a, Alavesian extraordinaire breaks 32 years of hurt and hoodoo. Wash Angola. No Turkey To Go. Cote d'Ivoire singing in Ukraine, Czechia, by Ghana

Stirred Not Shaken
does madness set its own goals?
an offence in philosophy and legality
a babble of contradiction
without reference to natural law
Can it be explored like a science
theists of the imagination
letting loose on divine barbarities
butchered colours and bruised lovers
getting stronger, getting stranger
in the bleak wilderness of the soul
are flowers sent by gods
a sweet bouquet in a holy hole
though you tip over this perfumed bucket
and find only sticky liquorice
enjoy the aniseed ride
don’t spit it out
or rule this mad goal off side

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