Thursday, November 24, 2005

Critique of pure cant

The Noumenon, the 'thing-in-itself' is not an object of our sensible intuition.

Sensible enough, though hardly intuitive. Immy Kant usually knew what he was talking about though John Gray gives him a right old serve in "Straw Dogs" for his hopeless humanism.

We are all ever so 'umbly in Uriah's grip of Mad Kowtow disease.

Like flies to wanton boys are we to the Gods.

Shallow words
Countries out there warn me
I see a sign marked “Plenipotentiary”
its a word with lots of potential
pre-played jaguar shaped saxophones
shouts and bounces on a landless moon
10,000 words or more are a heinous condemnation
Of the largest exaggeration in the Southern Hemisphere
Less inclined to believe me
Hoarding billboard ancient scores
Settled by the football fieldmarshalls
Klaxon jugs spill overboarding pass
stiffest upper lips quiver in mustachioed bribery
Sangfroid in the cabin dance asks
where is Buffalo or Rome?
Spittle on the Picadilly line
Laissez-faire come home

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