Friday, October 28, 2005

while their crops perish in the fields

but guess what? not one of them tried to claim the reward. Blacklisted from their selection! Ned, be damned....I am a widow's son, outlawed. My orders must be obeyed....Graham Berry, over to you.

Meanwhile I have to compare William Gibson's Hinterland with H(erbert) G(eorge) W(ells) (w(ell!)) 'The Time Machine. Wells' social Darwinian vision of Elois and Morlocks and Gibson's cargo cult on the Highway. Not sure which has dated more. Wells' Communism or Gibson's USSR.

Again and Again
took chaos hood from co-incidence
pronounced my life full of incidents
mostly self-styled thirsty trouble
too seldom tee-totalling double
sundrenched in torrential twice-happenings
cartographer's cartwheel fortunate mappenings
turgid thoughts turkey shoot
target happy triple tippling truth

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