Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Fermi paradox

Enrico Fermi asked "well you smartarses, so where all these ETs hiding?" And seeing as we haven't found them, they must not be there. Hawking said the same about time travel. Where are all these people from the future then. If time travel eventually is possible, surely they'd be here already?

The Fermi paradox can therefore be summed up as follows: The commonly held belief that the universe has many technologically advanced civilizations, combined with our observations that suggest otherwise, is paradoxical, suggesting that either our understanding or our observations are flawed or incomplete.

I would suggest that both are flawed and both are incomplete.

I'm here aren't I? Merlin and I are going sdrawkcab.

once more out weaving onto the road
a shallow happiness takes hold of the soul
a beer and a wheel are a matter of fear
but damnation not hotdogs is my goal
its Mecca not Macca's for you, my boy
you're the Prince of Darkness Slurpa pride and Joy
and as the faraway wailing drifts into your mind
you realise you are no longer one of a kind.

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