Monday, October 10, 2005

Sports Poll: Drogballs?

Thwaite won't wait. Togo, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana and Angola don't have to wait. National holiday declared in Tome, capital of Togo. Abidjan is the same, Didier Drogba leads the celebration. Cromwell killed well in Drogheda. Uruguay v Argentina live 10.15 am AET Thursday to determine Australia's opponents in Oceania v Concacaf playoff. Angora Angola! chez Guevara, Free Freddy Flintoff, change charge charcoal frill grill. Rejuvenate and when you do, have some of this,

Conversation Stopper
I’m suffocating in that terrible gaffiatus
Between my q-q-question and your considered answers
Caught in a spasm of my own considerations
Spread around me like pinching cancers
Malignant growths that stultify
crushing flower weaving armies of childrenness
a sergeant major shrilly berating
frogmarching my brain into tree-shrugging wilderness
just as this scorched earth mania triumphs
slowly smouldering in purple embers
a wry smile cracks the code to the safe
something in here cogitates, remembers

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