Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Six Square

36. 11 more than 25 and 13 less than 49. Even Sr Fibonacci says so.

I try to remember the mathematical formula that expresses the value of the differential between successive squares.

Our Y is X + 1 squared minus X squared. So where X=1, X+1 squared is 4 and x squared is 1 so Y is 3. Or in purely factorial terms we first need to unblock (X+1) squared which amounts to x squared plus 2x + 1 and that minus x squared is equal to Y. The two x squares cancel each other out leaving Y = 2x+1.

In other words the next differential value in the sequence is determined by twice the current number in the sequence + 1. In other other words, the differentiation of change gives us a little more effort than double the first input. So what does that mean in non mathematical tennis?

Does this formula have universal application? In order to understand this, we need to first understand what is a square? It is a dimension doubling. 2x +1 represents the scale of each doubling. It is also the differentiation of X squared + X which is another method of looking at the relationship between successive squares.

Differentiation is a stripping away of a dimension. the improvisation of three dimensions pared back to two, the cube parsed to a square, the square doused down to the line, the line to a point.

Our world is less than half the shadow of a 4D universe. Q.E.D squared.

Ad Missile

Not quite not in pain
but relinquished of something sad
Left right around by traction plane
leapt heaped devined into summer lee
Running something scared sacred discarded
Secrets disregarded disagreed by degrees
Believed by decrees and the birds kneesbusy on the bees
A quiet twitter of the lone carrier
Fertile foster-fodder anti-acts like
Fuddyduddy showaddywaddy
Up pily-aye, ladyladdie say I like lazily
Raise the ramparts of the day
To a place to play in old pompeii
Rivers of dirt, squeezing out of heaven
Religion beaming, children screaming
Happy hipster halo gods of st malo
Gentle bitter benzine
Run onset rafter renting
While the lights fly
Eagle junction landlie
Airline words wore on softly
Leaked a lizard portly point
Damned near stopped the crying
Foetal cramp aged denying
Abuse of rapture trying for consent
Clamplit friendly carbox tenant
Flagwove proudly prized pennant
Rubbish for the uber-wider
Finaigle inveigle and angel bagel
Loose in love and lucky at table
Crimson kingdom of maze and beize
Laboratoryrinth it aint a phase
Risksafe douche ropes
Ricebiscuit queer float
Foliage flappers of the handaday wrappers
Hot hankie pancakes pancreas pandering
I’ve decried into my pillow
Where jutes and angles are angry of ankles
And parcels of plastic set on acting drastic
Nero the train shall meet
Slippered on golden feet
Ransacked the halls and shopping malls
Asgard in the vanguard
drinking Picard on the Cunard line
duck in coloured soup
cold and neutered vichy suisse
warlike manugenesis sweetmeats
open hedge nemesis
do where the often is shared out of the light
lodged in characterless fright of beerie nights
crammed into the hostile sausage of leastlike roam
staples count how they cram
ovary stories into the mouth of
babes and slaves of pale graves
whose mixing mountains with lozenges of lava
liquor stamps and halogen lamps
make you welcome
when I’m not home.

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