Thursday, March 02, 2006

Aquatic Moments

A Sunday in February. $17 gets us entry to the Chermside Aquatic centre, Rebecca and Sinead take the full experience and are lost somewhere in the adventure land of the waterpark amidst slides, tyres, mushrooms and falls.

For Woolly Days, the minimum is paid in order to avail of the dubious pleasure of 12 laps of the 25m pool.

That alone proved difficult for a poor swimmer. My legs are powerful from cycling but my upper body strength leaves a lot to be desired.

A girl, around seven or eight years old and of Asian appearance, glides effortlessly up and down in the lane to my right. Woolly Days makes it a matter of personal honour to beat her to the end of the pool and does so at great exhaustion. Undaunted, and unaware she was in a race, the girl casually turns round and saunters back to the other end.

Woolly Days couldn’t even pull itself out of the pool, or rather couldn’t at the price of pants dropping down if it tried.

Indiscretion was by far the worst part of valour and it took the soft option of getting out at the shallow end. Now it is sitting in the shade among an army of ants marching to their own tune.

The tannoy blazes out Green Day, the sun is also blazing and the trees provide delicate breezy shade.

Sunday too far away, again.

Roger Copy

slit different in a word
cannibal Lords tied
by quivering tongues
Shakeout shiver me fingers
Clinking stinking souvenirs
Remember embers
Speak tragedy
Odyssey heel a feeler
“13 days left for activation”
hideface facts in faucet dance
lance laird long-time-a-comin
with nozzle abreast
reef jerky don’t surface
and greet the folks
long may your lamb reek with
street marching questions
stone page stompings
rankle rectal fistitude
goatse footsie
heir in the rain
right bloody brolly folly
azerbejesus back you
and the caspians trump down to the sea
know what armenia
cleft in paper clubs, sign cubs
novella mariner in dumping tubs
takes the cake
from the lake
on the rebound
to seabound
able bodied

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