Saturday, March 21, 2009

Labor retains power in shock easy win in Queensland

Accepting victory in Brisbane tonight, Labor leader Anna Bligh says: Queenslanders, Thank you.

Her gratitude to the people is because the ALP has won the election in surprising comfort with a margin of what is now looking like 17 seats. The 3.5 percent swing against them was not nearly good enough for the Liberal National Party in its first outing and defied the swing predicted by the polls. Labor has a 2PP (Two Party Preferred) lead of 51-49 - most recent polls predicted the other way round. LNP leader Lawrence Springborg has conceded defeat in a third straight election and says he has walked off the stage for good.

Retirement may or may not prove an exaggeration for a man who is 41 years old. However what is certain is that the history books will remember the state of Queensland elected Australia’s first female premier today, Anna Bligh.

Congratulations, Anna.

(picture is the name of the six-pack building across the road from where I voted today. It sums it up for me)

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