Monday, February 13, 2006

Blood on the Wattle: Myall Creek 1838

In these revisionist times of Keith Windshuttle and his attempts to whitewash evidence of Aboriginal massacres in the 19th century, it is important books such as Bruce Elder’s “Blood on the Wattle” reach an audience.

He dispassionately looks at many of the key massacres that have characterised Australia since white settlement started in 1788.

Perhaps the single most important event was the massacre at Myall Creek in 1838. The killings of Aboriginals at a property near the Gwydir river at Inverell was different as it was the only one to lead to prosecutions of white people. Some of the attackers made the mistake of boasting about their exploits. A letter describing the events was sent to the police and eventually made its way to Governor Gipps of NSW. He saw this as a chance to re-assert British justice on a lawless frontier. Eleven men were charged with murder. The first trial ended in deadlock with the jury refusing to convict the defendants. In the re-trial, seven of the 11 were sentenced to hang. The white population was outraged.

Aboriginal killings were re-doubled but Myall Creek taught the perpetrators to be more circumspect about it. Many whites took oaths of allegiance which meant that Aboriginals would be killed with impunity up to the 1920s.

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Sorry to hurry you.

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