Monday, January 23, 2006


Between the 6th century BC and the first century of the common era (according to Yeshua, the fulcrum of the calendar) lived a people called Nabateans. They flourished in the south and east of Palestine from Petra in the north in modern Jordan to Hajaz in the south in modern Saudi Arabia. Petra was their capital and they had a sophisticated pantheon of Gods including Al-Azzi, the female deity. It was suggested and suspected that they were leaning towards a single deity towards the end of their power. They spoke Aramaic and would have been a profound influence on Judean culture in Maccabean times. The last remnant of post Alexandrian power was waning across the region and the new Roman masters were to destroy the power of Jew and Nabatean alike. Only Yeshua and his supporters were to flourish from this crossroads of history, politics and power.

I don’t complain I’ve lived simply
but styleless find me guilty
lacking in quintessential arts
Barry’s constant is not in
the formula of cloths to appearance
squeezing out goodness at the chapel of being
I’m a spinster spider
the web in which I lead
my life in others

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