Saturday, December 10, 2005

Millions of Brazilians

so remind me again, how many is a Brazillion?

It could be the Dubya joke of that punchline but not words I would expect Guus "Goose" Hiddink to utter over the next few months. Croatia are there too. Hrvatska, as the locals call it, and well known to many 'Socceruse' being as the ancestral homeland of Messrs Viduka, Popovic, Skoko and others.

But first up are the sons of Nippon. Australia v Japan. Of interest from the Kokoda Trail to the Gold Coast. Matthew Perry's fault, he should have left them alone to their Shogunate in 1854. This is the inevitable consequence. Sayonara O'Hara, Yukio Mishima, General Tojo, Hirohito, Akira Kuresawa, Seven Rashomanic Samurai, your boys are about to take one hell of a beating!

You cast your mind back
I’m trying but I’m stuck
with a persistent image of a river of anglers
and a sea of bodies and roddy danglers
This current coursing through my brain
interrupting all other thoughtish train
causing traffic chaos in the synapses
minor crises, frequent lapses
I waited for your word roadmap
as a hypnotist you need to clap
get me from this distracted sensation
help me concentrate on your conversation

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